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Fancy Lightning Rods,Glass<span style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  </span>Balls, Ornaments

Fancy Lightning Rods—Balls—Ornaments

Choose any color Ball on all Lightning rods

NOTE: Some of the COPPER Fancy Lightning Rod prices may vary due to fluctuating copper prices and available inventory of the items when they were manufactured.

  46” Copper Lightning Rod            36” Economy Lightning Rods            46” Alum. or Cop. Lightning Rod

# C200 $239.00 100% Copper      # C201 $109.00 — #C202  $129.00        Alum.#A203  $169.00-Cop.$219.00

 All Lightning Rods are available in 100% Copper or Aluminum—#A201 and #A202 Economy Rods are with plated Steel Stand and crimp wire connector at base of rod.—#C203 is shown in aluminum if in 100% Copper $219.00 -

# 204      $79.00            # 205-B   $99.00              # 206     $99.00               # 207   $99.00

Copper Lightning Rods with adjustable base and clamp for cable. #204 is 16” Tall—#205B, 206, 207 are  20” Tall

Choice any color ball.—Also available in all aluminum, #A204, A205B, A206, A207

 Animal Lightning Rods choice of: Cow - Hog - Rooster - Sheep - Horse

       Animals are thick cast aluminum with full body detail. Arrow is 23” long and points wind direction. Rod, Base, stand and Tip are in COPPER, or All ALUMINUM. Base is adjustable and has cable clamp.  Add  “A” to part number for all Aluminum.

  #209  $169.00  -  #210   $149.00  -  #211  $219.00  -  #212   $119.00  -  #213  $149.00 Arrow/Animal by Itself  $79.00

                Replacement Lightning Rod Parts—Tops—Ornaments—Arrows

Some parts are available in Copper, Bare Aluminum or Copper Color Aluminum. Please refer to the part number for available choices.

#214  $20.00 11 inch Bayonet tip in Copper or Aluminum

#215  $12.00 8”  Plated Copper Shell Tip.

#216  $12.00  8” Bare Copper Shell Tip.

#217  $29.00  7-1/2” Copper or Aluminum Sunburst Tip.

#218  $29.00 Curly in Alum.—$39.00 In solid Copper. 9” tall.

#219  $39.00  Crown in solid Copper or $29.00 in  Aluminum

#220  $29.00  Stars in solid Copper, Brass or Aluminum

#221  $39.00 Copper or Alum. Sunburst Tip with Glass Hole.

#222  $ 5.00  Large Brass Ball Set Ring 1” Hole.

#223  $ 3.00  Small Brass Ball Set Ring for 5/8” Rods.

#224  $ 3.00  Small Aluminum Set Ring for 5/8” Rod

#225  $ 1.00  Economy Slip on Ball Retainer for top of ball

#226  $ 8.00  Small Ferrule for 5/8” Rod

#227 $12.00  7/8” Copper Ferrule for Twisted Rods

#228 $18.00  1” Cop. 2 piece Ferrule for Twisted Rods

#229 $49.00 NSEW in Aluminum or $59.00 in Solid copper.

#230 $29.00 17” Aluminum Arrow - $39.00 in Copper

#231 $49.00 22”Aluminum Kite arrow-$65.00 in Copper

#232 $49.00 21” Alum. Glass Tail arrow-$65.00 in Copper

#233 $29.00 Glass Rod Toppers with brass cap with screw

#234 $29.00 Pendants with plated copper caps

#235 See Previous Page for prices and variety of stands for tall and fancy lightning rods or CLICK HERE

#237 Bare or Copper Deluxe 5 piece cast NSEW for 5/8” Rod $59.00 in aluminum or #C237 In Solid Copper $79.00

5/8”or 1/2” threads—These INSERTS fit into Hollow Rods $7.00—Made to convert hollow rods to allow adding a screw Tip to top of a hollow 5/8” Lightning Rod such as the Bayonet tip or Sunburst tip.

See NEXT PAGE for more balls and parts.

Inserts for Hollow Rods



# 238-B $199.00—36” tall

100% Copper—Adjustable base has 4 screw holes, Cable Clamp and is adjustable for any roof pitch.

  Complete Pendant Set as shown

  # 242  -  $ 179.00  -  36” Tall

 Choice: Blue—Red—Green—Clear

Includes: Rod, Hanger, Stand, Ball and 4 Pendants—More pendant parts next page

                           About Grounding Your Lightning Rod

Contrary to myths, Lightning Rods DO NOT attract Lightning. Ungrounded Lightning Rods are no different than any other metal objects on your roof such as antenna’s, metal vents, weathervanes, etc.—Since the rods are placed at high points on a roof and if correctly installed the rods will safely conduct the lightning to ground.—If Lightning were going to strike your home, it would strike whether the Lightning Rods are there or not. Of course we recommend that you correctly install and ground your Lightning Rods which will give you the added safety as well as having beautiful ornaments on your roof but if you choose not to ground them, they will not attract lightning.

   # C-246  $189.00  38” Tall

        All Aluminum        part  #A-246

  # 243 Large Witch $399.00

  29 Pounds of Solid Deluxe Casting 50” Tall—Stainless Steel Rod—The Ball, Tip and Mounting Base with clamp for wire are Copper—Hand painted and turns to point wind direction with the slightest breeze.

        #245B  $139.00  36” Tall

         #245C  $119.00  36” Tall

With Any Ball & Arrow Style, Adjustable base with wire clamp.- Rod, 3 leg Stand and Base are Copper.—

Also available in All

Aluminum #A245B $129.00—#A245-C $119.00

# 247   $79.00  16” Tall

Available in 100% Copper or Aluminum.

Stars also available in Solid Brass

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 Lightning Rods Click HERE

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All of our Fancy Lightning Rods

    are  Made in the USA

Above and Below: 100% COPPER All 20” Tall—Copper Rod and  Base has attached clamp for grounding cable.

   Also available in all aluminum Add prefix “A” to part number.


Choose any Colors

Choose any Color

#N-245C $169.00  36” Tall

Order Toll  Free 877-866-3189

       Fax: (410) 734-0215


Choose any COLORS on  all Lightning  Rods

#C250 $139.00


#C250-N $119.00

#C251-N $119.00


Text Box: Most everything is available in COPPER or ALUMINUM

Clear Amber  and   Clear Purple/Amethyst


See More Ball Choices on next page

All parts available in COPPER and ALUMINUM

All COPPER with choice of any Color Ball  Base has attached cable clamp and can be bent to any roof pitch.

All COPPER—Also available in all aluminum #AN-250-BZ $99.00—#AN-245C-Z $99.00—All Vane’s turn to point wind direction.

Can substitute ball color.

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